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  1. PhD in Developmental Psychology
  2. MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language( TEFL)
  3. MA in Applied Linguistics
  4. MA in General Linguistics
  5. MA in Ethiopian Literature and Folklore
  6. MA in Governance and Development
  7. MA in History
  8. MA in Urban and Regional Development Planning
  9. MSc in Environment and Natural Resource Management
  10. MA in Journalism and Communication Studies
  11. MA in Political Science
  12. Master of Business Administration(MBA )
  13. MSc in Accounting and Finance
  14. MSc in Irrigation Engineering and Management
  15. MSc in Animal Nutrition
  16. MSc in Animal Genetics and Breeding
  17. MSc in Soil Science
  18. MSc in Animal Production
  19. MSc in Plant Pathology
  20. MSc in Agronomy
  21. MA in Curriculum and Instruction
  22. MA in Educational Planning and Management (EDPM)
  23. MA in Special Needs and Inclusive Education
  24. MA in Developmental Psychology
  25. MA in Counseling Psychology
  26. MA in Educational Psychology
  27. MSc in Numerical Analysis
  28. MSc in Mathematical Modeling
  29. MSc in Differential Equations
  30. MSc Analytical Chemistry
  31. MSc in Applied Microbiology
  32. MSc in Ecology and Systematic Zoology
  33. MSc in Astrophysics
  34. MSc in Condensed Matter Physics
  35. MPH in Reproductive Health
  36. MPH in Human Nutrition
  37. MPH in Epidemiology
  38. MPH in General Public Health
  39. MSc in Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing
  40. MSc in Adult Health Nursing
  41. MSc in Clinical Midwifery